We’ve also gotten into the habit of washing some areas of our homes while neglecting others. We focus on specific nooks and crannies like clockwork before we’ve cleaned it out for the day. Our cleaning is normally done once a week, or anytime we have free time on the weekend. However, there are several areas where dust accumulates and goes unnoticed. We must pay special attention to germ-infested parts of the house that are left unattended.


When doing your weekly cleanings, it’s convenient to overlook the interior of your lampshades. It is insignificant, and dust accumulates under it undetected – so this is why we stop it because we want to disinfect the ones that are visibly unclean first.

Cleaning the lampshades with a lint roller, an old pair of linen, or tights may suffice.

2.Window blinds

This is one area in a room where dust accumulates quickly and goes unnoticed. It is typically used as a buffer between the indoors and the outside, and as a result, it collects dust that can cause allergies in your household.

To clear the mud, gently wipe it off with a somewhat dampened rag, making sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies.

3.Picture frames

Picture frames, especially bedside images, are often overlooked. To clean your doors, gently wipe them down with a dampened rag. Wipe off the glass part of the frame with the regular glass cleaner or warm vinegar and water.

4.Drawers Inside

We’ve found a trend in this list: forgotten areas of the house are the unseen and overlooked areas for tourists. These unsanitized areas of our homes practically become our “dirty little secrets.” However, as previously said, these filthy areas serve as breeding grounds for germs that cause a health problem.

Most of the areas that have to be dusted are the interior of the cabinet. Clean it up with a damp cloth and hold it open for a while after dusting to let it air out.

So there you have it; these are the areas you could see when doing your weekend chores.